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Recommendation Engine

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Want to share your thoughts and ideas with other listeners? Now you can. Right under each episode.

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Let creators focus on what they do best. Creating content. Contribute to podcasters directly and enjoy an ad-free experience!

Podcasts are more than just audio

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  • Community

    Talk to creators and other listeners right below each episode without having to click away.

  • Supporting creators

    Help podcasters to focus on producing great shows for you! With Novacast you can support podcasters directly by subscribing with a monthly fee (and remove ads).

  • Import from other apps

    Have tons of subscriptions in your dated podcast player? Import all lists and subscriptions seamlessly.

  • Feature-packed

    Playlists, trim silence, stats, comments, recommendations, smart show notes, Apple Watch support, and much more to come.

Transparency and trust

Novacast is a space for creators and fans to come together.





Frequently Asked Questions

  • How do you predict the next episode?

    We're looking not only at the topics you're interested in, but also at what has been discussed in the episodes you listened to, including, for example, names of guests!

  • How do Smart Show Notes work?

    The player will show relevant content at the right time. Podcasters will just add additional pictures, videos or links for you to enjoy.

  • How can I support podcasters directly?

    What a great question! Novacast offers you multiple ways for you to support podcasters: by listening and subscribing to the shows with ads, which were added by the podcasters, OR you choose to support them directly with a small monthly fee.

  • Do you offer premium podcasts?

    Yes, we do! In addition, we give the power back to the podcaster to decide whether and how to monetize the show. Whether it's ads, donations or subscriptions. We have it all.

  • What features will you add next?

    At Novacast, one of our core values is transparency. That is why we opted to open up our development plans to the public! Novacast is made for you, so you will vote on what happens next.

  • I'm a Podcaster. What do I do?

    Great to have you here! To claim your show, get the ability to add Smart Show Notes and get the Creator's Badge, simply shoot us an email at We'll get back to you within two hours.

Still have a question? Reach out at: